16 okt

 New book about the Twice a Man album "Works on Yellow". Dan Söderqvist and Karl Gasleben fromTwice a Man will attend theReleaseparty in Göteborg16 okt 2020

14 aug

NAKED is the second single to be released from the album On the Other Side of the Mirror.


This digital only EP leads with the club remix

Germanium by Alien Waveform,

followed by a slightly shortened version of the album-mix, titled Edit.


The "B-side" Thirsty follows, as well as three additional remixes,

X.Y. by band member Karl Gasleben, with Anna Öberg,


Cryptomeria by Dan Söderqvist and


Onkel Enkel

by Charles Storm (Exit North, Blue for Two, Strasse).











June 12 Album release

"On the Other Side of the Mirror"


New Modern World video




June 12

New Album release

"On the Other Side of the Mirror"


Video Teaser


June 12

New video release


May 22

Modern World, single release from the album

"On the Other Side of the Mirror".

Album release date June 12, 2020.

The digital single also contains Shadowless,

a song that is not on the album.


The single is available as streaming and download.




Video (edit)



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"On the other side of the mirror"

New Album

Release date June 12, 2020.

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